pta team

The pta plant alliance currently has volunteer stations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and New York, combining the local energy of volunteers to carry out more cross-regional integration. We look forward to your participation!

|Barbara CHAI

|New York City
|pta seed media

''I am not looking for the earth yesterday but myself.''

|Dency CHENG

|Beijing, Hong Kong
|pta incubator

" Born to beauty and go to nature

Discover the true self in nature"

|Daisy DENG

|pta seed academy

''A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality''

|Judy WU

|pta seed academy

''Green is the loveliest
color on the planet''

|Joey TIAN

|pta seed media

''To rediscover yesterday’s earth; to reunite with our childhood''
''Believe in yourself, anything is possible!''

|Maggie LAM

|Hong Kong
|pta sustainable marketing

''Do what I can do, and stick to my green faith!'

|Qing CHAI

|pta academy

''They just like a mirror,
Reflect everything about us''

|Rain HU

|pta seed media

''Maybe we can't change the earth, but we can change for the earth.''

|Sammi CHEN

|pta sustainable marketing 

''Contribute to environmental protection Educate the next generation''


|Hong Kong
|pta dawn farm


let's bring nature back to us

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