With natural color and fragrance, sugar cane fiber straws can allow users to take into account both health and environmental protection, reduce the harm of plasticizers to the human body and the pollution of plastics to the environment.

Sugarcane used to occupy an important position in the development history of Taiwan. It was one of the important economic crops in Taiwan in the early days. The reason for choosing sugarcane fiber as the research and development is that the sugarcane itself is an edible crop. The material for the straw is very good application.

Sugar Cane Fiber Straw Ø12 Bevel - 25pcs

  • Aperture: 12mm
    Specifications: Slanted mouth Ingredients: Sugarcane fiber, starch, pure biomass, etc. Product characteristics: Sucrose flavor, without traditional petrochemical-based plastics, plasticizers, non-toxic, low energy consumption, no waste water, low carbon footprint Suggestion: cold and heat resistant -10 degrees to 50 ~ 75 degrees, it is recommended to drink cold, avoid high acid and alkali drinks. Storage time: unopened for about 12 to 16 months, store at room temperature to avoid severe moisture. Decomposition method: natural compost environment buried in soil Next, from 6 to 8 months, no toxic substances will be released from burning, trace carbon emission, and sucrose flavor.

  • 1.歐盟SGS總和溶出率通過檢測,不含任何化學助劑,天然無毒,符合食品級標準


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