Green Asian Power — Five Creations Show Circular Economy Lifestyle Becomes Trendy in China

(written by Joey Tian,translated by Barbara Chai)

China enters into a brand-new era of compulsory waste sorting.

In Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and even the secondary inland cities, including Chengdu and Suzhou, the most frequent topics recently talked about by people have become those related to waste sorting.

Every morning, the first question that people in the Chinese cities would have to ask themselves and their family members is no longer “What do you want for breakfast?”, but “What are the wet wastes and what are the dry wastes in the garbage bin this morning?”

Apparently, many people in the Chinese cities are still anxious and even a bit of panic for getting used to the new era of compulsory waste sorting. Yet, some of innovative mind and delightful heart have already started enjoying the new eco-friendly life by integrating circular economy with lifestyle.

1. A waste ice-cream boxes is turned into an IKEA-styled napkins holder, a must-have for many families in the Chinese cities!

2. With the EPE foam net-wrap for fruits, the barbie doll is dressed by kids as a super model!

Once your kids understand what is circular economy, do you still need a waste sorting? :)

3. From wine corks to indoor plant holders! Cheers!

Don’t throw away the wine corks when you finish the bottles. Get a wine cork moist and dig a hole from the top. The moist and ventilated corks are particularly suitable for succulent pants seeds to breath and grow. You can easily DIY a wine-cork succulent-plant home decor.

DIY a Christmas home decor by planting branches of plum flower buds into Wine corks! :)

4. A wasted ladder turned into a spacious bookshelf!

When you finish decorating your home, don’t throw away the ladder. Nail the ladder into a corner of your new home. It immediately transforms into a spacious bookshelf. You even don’t need to clean the paint stains on the ladder. After all, it is all about beauty!

5. Before mastering how to sort wastes, some people of creative minds recommend sorting the daily cosmetics by modifying the piles of used mooncake boxes to storage boxes.

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